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+52 (961) 21 273 86.

Locate your vehicle 24hrs.

All from your mobile.

Controls the speed.

It limits the places he goes.

Turn it off at any time.

It has panic button.

Forget about paying monthly rent.

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Your pages do not expire.

Free validations.

Updates Free SAT.

Generates prefectures.

All this and much more.

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Best Cloud Hosting Mexico.

Cisco servers in Tuxtla Gutierrez.

Line with guaranteed 99.9% with 24/7 support with domain registration included, we have Linux and Windows servers that support the best technologies and panel included, databases, emails and much more .
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We put technology at your disposal to solve any problem informatic.

Realizing your ideas

We have the technology and the Ability to Develop Those Ideas You have for your company and make them a reality, increase increasing productivity.

Your business on the net

We have the best in the business of creating web pages both informative as well as your own online store with the best designs and always online.

We are developers

We are one of the few companies to develop native applications for your phone based on Android or IOS for the different needs of your company.

By growing your business

Current methods of your company are not enough, we can integrate new technologies and increase your productivity.

as a company

We have a highly qualified team, that's why our clients trust us to bring their ideas to reality, with that confidence we could acarbar multiple fields and dominating them being market leaders.
All our products and developments are based on an international standard of quality, which allows us to offer the products and services you deserve.

because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world ...

are those who change."

Steve jobs Apple co-founder.

Fields of expertise

We are professional in creating web pages, we use the best technologies to get the best results and so to have a greater impact.

We create informative pages for e-commerce, with the best design and automatic adjustments for different screen sizes.

We have experts in developing custom software, dominate different platforms to offer our customers the best solution to their problems.

We apply the highest standards of quality along with the best development tools.

We are one of the few Chiapas companies dedicated to developing native mobile applications for mobile 2 large systems such as Android and Ios.

We have certified staff to provide the best care.

We can automate your business processes using the best technology, everything can be controlled from various devices.

We have extensive experience in the fields of home automation and tracking and monitoring of vehicles. Which gives us the experience and knowledge necessary to implement different technologies in your projects.

Committed to the quality of our products.

We are committed to the quality of our products to our customers raise their productivity, their triumph is the triumph of us.
Realizing your ideas is our passion.

Some of our projects.

June 10.2014.

Gps Navitec.

Now you can locate and turn off your vehicle from your cell phone, thanks to our innovative technology gps and google maps.

July 1, 2014

Domotic Control for your home

With our advanced technology, you can now control from one light to the water pump, as well as your security system, all from your phone.

November 15, 2013

Electronic billing system

Comprehensive system that allows you to keep a good control of your company along with electronic billing, fulfilling the requirements of the 2014 SAT.

August 03.2014

Digital medical records

Now you can have the clinical records of all your digital patients, saving space and having a better control of information.

We also have a wide variety of products and accessories.

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